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Canias ERP Project Management (PRJ) module ensures integrated cost and resource planning as well as comprehensive planning and scheduling of projects.

Project Management (PRJ) with canias ERP
canias ERP Project Management (PRJ) module ensures integrated cost and resource planning as well as comprehensive planning and scheduling of projects. With the help of automatic status indicators and graphical images showing detailed project structure, a fast and reliable control of the project can be performed; the project info can be viewed in all details.

The canias ERP Project Management (PRJ) module is fully integrated with the canias ERP system; it is thus possible to use data in both directions. The connections of canias ERP modules are shown schematically in the graphic.

Project Planning
In the canias ERP Project Management (PRJ)module, the creation of a project is the first step of project planning. In a project, the enterprise project structure (EPS) is created as a table or a Gantt’s chart. Then, activities, dependencies of activities, “milestones” and definition of project resources are planned in detail in graphic or tabular form. After the scheduling of activities, for the entire timeline of the project, both work flow plan and the critical path can be created comprehensively and comprehensibly.

The task plan in tabular form resulting from the scheduling provides information about the sub-steps of the project. These projectspecific tasks can be displayed in the canias ERP Collaborator module.

The option of using existing projects as a template for new projects or integrate smaller projects each as a sub-project for bigger projects enables to plan and manage projects much effectively.

Central management and confirmation of activities and instant viewing of all changes ensure a sensitive and effective project control. When activities are completed, an automatic feedback takes place in order to react quickly to inappropriate developments. Changes, additions and deletions can be made in project components such as activities, work centers, resources, materials or employees whenever desired in relation to existing projects. In order to have an overview of instant project status and progress, a project baseline can be created. The project baseline can be created on a cost and activity basis and displayed and compared in both graphic and tabular form. Here, taking into account costs, workflows and resources, a comparison can be performed both within the project and between different projects.

Invoice Issue
In the canias ERP Project Management (PRJ) module, it is possible to invoice conformations of each project component individually or collectively. An invoice can be created for all costs in the scope of the project such as activity expenses, materials, resources, service types and general expenses.

The fact that the canias ERP Project Management (PRJ)module is integrated to the canias ERP Sales module enables to create and simulate projects from the Sales module. A sales document can be used as base for the creation of a new project. Similarly, resources required for a project and calculated costs can be simulated before creating a project. With the help of payment integration function, the project can be stopped if payments are not collected. Project progresses such as confirmed transactions, services or materials can be invoiced individual to the customers from the Sales module before the project is completed.

Due to the integrated structure of canias ERP Project Management (PRJ)module with the canias ERP Purchase module, data such as delivery deadline, quantity, vendor, etc. can be transferred to and managed from the Project Management (PRJ) module. Therefore, fast reaction can be shown to changes on the purchase side.

The fact that the canias ERP Project Management (PRJ) module is integrated to the canias ERP Production Planning and Scheduling module enables to view and schedule the production plan and production orders from the Project Management (PRJ)module. In case a project is
able to meet an existing requirement in production, it is possible to schedule the production order to start only after the project is completed. In the canias ERP Project Management (PRJ) module, a production plan or purchase request that meets a requirement of the project can also be created.

Project Calculation
Planned cost calculations can be carried out using activities, materials and all resources and services to be used at any stage of the project. Here, target costs and actual costs for confirmed activities can be compared. Actual cost incurred to complete the project
can be displayed and compared to the target cost. The project baseline can be calculatedat any time and the project plan and progress can be tracked.

Central Data
The integrated structure with several modules has an important role in the canias ERP Project Management (PRJ) module. Resources used and managed in other modules are directly offered to use in connection with the relevant document in project management. The storage of all documents centrally in the canias ERP Document Management module assures an effective and wellstructured management of information. With the canias ERP Project Management (PRJ) module, it is possible to plan and manage the projects effectively and analyze details pertaining to important factors specific to the project.



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