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The canias ERP Production Planning and Scheduling (PRD) module covers all processes in production and contributes to the optimization.

Production Planning and Scheduling (PRD) with canias ERP
Due to integration with the canias ERP system, a perfect data flow is ensured, whereas transparency and efficiency
in production are increased. The graphic below shows the process of the canias ERP Production Planning and Scheduling module.

Creating a Production Order
In the canias ERP Production Planning and Scheduling (PRD) module, different types such as collective, combined and disassembly production orders can be created. When needed, the module automatically produces the production plan containing necessary quantities for the relevant material. This plan may be converted to a production order or a production order may be created manually. During manual creation, values proposed by Material Requirements Planning (MRP) may be used as guidance. During the creation of a production order, missing material analysis can be set to occur automatically.

This analysis checks whether necessary components are present or not or if they need to be supplied or not. The canias ERP Production Planning and Scheduling (PRD) module can reserve relevant parts automatically for the required date and thus guarantees the most suitable material flow.

Implementing a Production Order
The canias ERP Production Planning and Scheduling (PRD) module enables users to implement the most suitable resource planning for the relevant production order due to its integration with the Capacity Planning module. With the help of detailed planning types, it is possible to reschedule operations prospectively, retrospectively or starting from any stage.

Furthermore, information on resources, use of resources and bill of materials (BOM) can be obtained with the help of the module. Therefore, all business data included in the relevant production processes are taken into account for planning in the canias ERP Production Planning and Scheduling (PRD) module. Due to the real-time tracking feature of the module, a projection of the production process can be obtained when desired. Documents important for the production process, like the material consumption slip or the production order slip, can also be prepared.


After an operation is partially or fully completed, production order operations are approved. Due to integration with the caniasERP Computer Aided Quality module, the quality control process may be started prior to, during or after the approval, according to the assigned test plan.

If all operations related to the material to be produced have been approved, automatic inventory movement can be conducted. In addition, approvals and inventory movements can be recorded with barcodes or manual entries. Thereby, all components produced can be tracked completely.

Analyses and Evaluations
In the caniasERP Production Planning and Scheduling (PRD) module, various analyses are presented in order to determine and evaluate optimization potentials in production. These analyses allow the user to evaluate different issues such as work centers or cost centers according to various criteria. It is also possible to compare planned and actual production levels, input quantities and production quantities.

In order to calculate the current value of components included in production, the work-in-progress (WIP) analysis is available in the caniasERP Production Planning and Scheduling (PRD) module.

In the module, reprocessing and scrap analyses have also been offered for use. Production bills of materials and routes and work center management that are different from master bills of materials and routes and work center management can be compared against their originals.

The tool/equipment management feature of the module provides a resource simulation capability that enables users to determine resources used as well as optimization potentials.

Due to use of an integrated system, the caniasERP Production Planning and Scheduling (PRD) module conducts perfect data interchange with other modules. The flexible development environment TROIA makes the application perfectly compliant with company processes. The module can be customized according; comprehensive functions need created with reference to company-specific requirements can be used and a seamless process audit implemented for efficient production.






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