Canias ERP | Bill Of Materials (BOM) module

The canias ERP Bill of Materials (BOM) module supports effective management of bill of materials.

canias ERP Bill of Materials (BOM)

The canias ERP Bill of Materials (BOM) module works according to the modular structure principle, enabling users to create, copy, edit and check bills of materials. This constitutes a base for Production, Sales and Purchase modules.

In a classic bill of materials, components are combined to form a structure in order to determine relevant parameters for use in the production process.

Qualities related to variants can be linked with a bill of materials. A condition created by the user may affect input components and the configuration thereof. In purchasing, the bill of materials serves as a basis for supply processes. In this process, a list of relevant materials from the inventory BOM may be sent to the producer to use during their service.

The graphic shows the interaction between the canias ERP Bill of Materials module and other modules in the  canias ERP system. If bills of materials have been created for more than one production level, the system can be set them to perceive automatically. In connection with the canias ERP Routes and Work Center Management module that enables work center/route management, the system creates a production network and displays this network graphically when desired. Therefore, even complex bills of materials and Routes can be created at different levels and in comprehendible forms.

Validity Definition
Each bill of material that is created is valid in the framework of conditions defined for it. For instance, it is required that components that constitute a product are used according to the size of the product lot. Therefore, various components can be used for different production lots.

A time limitation can be set so that desired structures are defined for certain periods.

Configuration of the structure of the bill of materials also enables the execution of a department-based approval system. Therefore, a confirmation can be given for calculations before confirming production. Similarly, a bill of materials can be used for sales transactions, but may not be used for production.

Thus, the entire structuring process is realized and audited in the canias ERP system. Bills of materials can be changed even after production is started and these changes can be transferred to production orders. Therefore, whenever desired, product design and production processes can be executed concomitantly.

Other features of the module are version and alternative creation. Thanks to these features, valid but different versions (subject to time, lot size, etc.) can be defined in the scope of the same or a defined dependency for the same materials and structure groups.

Audit Down to the Lowest Level
The wide range of configuration capabilities is not limited to the bill of materials level. Rather, it may be pursued down to each component level. Freely definable item types offer the user the opportunity to manage each material separately. It is possible to define a constant material of which entry quantity is not subject to the production lot and/or to define a material as an identical product. Entry quantity for each component can be defined classically according to the following example:
For every material quantity X, there must be a component quantity unit Y. These units do not have to be the same. There is also the option to determine consumption quantity for components in accordance with defined formulas.

Comprehensible Structure - Easy to Use
The canias ERP Bill of Materials module is an extremely effective tool while working with sophisticated structures in the scope of structuring and production. Ergonomic modules with important functions combine to form an easy to use system. These include collective modification of components in several bills of materials or all bills of materials, availability of components in every bill of materials or bills of materials of a certain department and addition of new components to desired data records.

The open structure of the canias ERP system enables communication with external systems (for example CAD software). Thereby, bills of materials (even materials) can be created and modified by an external system. This communication is enabled via the Electronic Data Interchange module.

In addition to other features, the canias ERP  Bill of Materials Module can display all bills of materials within a structure where bills of materials and Routes are summarized, providing a perfect overview and ease of use.






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